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Beauty. Elegance. Grace.

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A Tantalizing Weekend of Exquisite
Entertainment from Across the Globe
that Sparks Inspiration and Excitement.
Held In the Beautiful Coastal City of

Long Beach in Southern California

A Burlesque Festival Like No Other

Our Event is Simple: 1 Intimate Venue, 2 Sexy Nights,
4 Different Shows, & a whole lot of Sparkle!

Held at the Infamous Underground Speakeasy, HARVELLE's. Admission is for Adults 21+ Over Only.
Get Up Close and Personal Beneath the
Streets of Downtown Long Beach

4 Fabulous Shows with an EXCLUSIVE Line Up featuring Burlesque, Comedy, Drag, Aerial
Circus, Singing, Pole Dancing, and Boylesque.
With performers making their way through the
audience, on top of the bar, in the air,
and if you're lucky... Right In Your Lap!

An Interactive Experience that will
Stimulate All Your Senses

Produced and Created by Bobbie Burlesque of Seduction Burlesque presents
Original Concept Team:  Lucy May  -  Simone del Mar  -  Ginger Watson

Photography taken LIVE at Exquisite Burlesque Festival 2023 by Our Official Photographer Daniel J Sliwa

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