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Mizon Garde

Performance Application Deadline:

June 1st 2023

14 Exquisite Performers Will Be Selected to Showcase their Art in this Exclusive Festival

Application is Open to ALL! 

Burlesque, Boylesque, Drag, Variety, Singers, Aerial & Pole Artists, Bellydance, Comedy, Ballroom, Circus Acts, Groups, Duos, and more. . .


till next time... 

Step 1: Fill Out and Submit Performance Application

Step 2: A non-refundable minimum suggested donation of $20.00 welcomed for each Application Submitted. Please Send to Our Venmo @SeductionBurlesque or PayPal via: with your "Stage Name" and "Exquisite Burlesque Fest Donation" as the note. 

Click To Donate:

To Make A Larger Donation - Click Here

*Terms of the Show:

A total of (14) performers will be accepted to perform in the festival. There are (7) performance opportunities in the Friday Night Exquistie Showcase and (7) performance opportunties in the Saturday Night Pastie Throwdown Burlesque Competition. Acceptance Letters will be sent out beginning June 5th 2023. You are required to submit a separate

application for each act submitted and a suggested donation for each act submitted is appreciated.

There is no limit to the number of acts you are able to submit. 

SHOWCASE PERFORMER BENEFITS: Pay =$100.00 (minimum payment for each performance slot - could increase depending on audience attendance)Photos & Video of Performance, Chance to be Honored with an Exquisite Award.

THROWDOWN PERFORMER BENEFITS: Photos & Video of Performance, ONLY the Champion Receives: Title of Champion with Exquisite Sash, Various Prizes from Our Sponsors, $275.00 Cash.

ALL Performers and Crew will NOT be provided and will NOT be reimbursed for any travel, parking, lodging, food & drink, or health & medical related accommodations which may occur as a result of attending/working/performing in the festival. The creators of the festival and the venue are not responsible for providing accommodations of any sort.

Seduction Burlesque Presents Show Rules and Disclaimer: 
*Please Arrive At Your Scheduled Call Time 
*Bring Limited Luggage for Backstage and Come As Ready As Possible. The Dressing Room is small with limited space, so please be respectful of everyone using the Backstage Space and Share. Please Clean Up Your Items and Space when you leave the backstage. This includes returning empty glasses, used dishes, back to the bar and please dispose trash into the trash can provided.
*There is No Guest List. No Drink Tickets. No Comps. Parking is not provided nor reimbursed. There is Metered Parking Available on the Street Surrounding the Venue as well as multiple lots and structures with small Parking Fees.
*Although Safety is Always a Priority, Robert Pulido Jr - Seduction Burlesque Presents and Harvelle's are not liable for any sickness, harm, or injury you may encounter or experience while at the venue or while performing. Perform at your own risk.
*Attitude and Grace are Everything. Please be professional, respectful, and courteous to fellow cast and crew members as well as the Harvelle's Staff and Our Show Patrons. Also please do not destroy, vandalize, or ruin any of the Harvelle's property. You will be held responsible for any damages you may inflict upon the property – Robert Pulido Jr. will not be held accountable for your actions.  

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